2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range

VIN# 5YJ3E1EB1JF092947

STOCK# 5293

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  • Auto
  • AWD
  • 19120
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  •   All Wheel Drive
  •   Long range battery
  •   Premium interior package
  •   Enhanced auto-pilot
  •   Dual Motor

This is not a regular inventory piece.  This was purchased brand new and personally driven by me (Brad Tibbs), the owner of Boise Auto Clearance.  I wrapped this car in a custom designed, one of a kind, electricity-themed vinyl wrap that catches the eye and looks amazing driving down the road!  Garaged, and well cared for, this Tesla is nearly new.  Tesla does not really make a "car" in the sense of the 100+ year old automobile.  Tesla makes the future.  This is the best, most enjoyable car I have ever driven.  (And as a car dealer, I've driven thousands.) 

Here is the long list of upgrades that this amazing Model 3 comes with:

*Nearly new set of winter tires - has only 3k miles on them ($1000)

*Original Michilan summer tires (has 1 more season left)

*Vinyl wrap ($3000) Just remove for a nearly new factory finish (black)

*Enhanced auto pilot (autonavigation on freeway, partial self driving in city).  Hardware capable of full self-driving when Tesla releases the software.

*Premium interior (5 heated seats, black leather, 4x USB ports, the best entertainment system on any stock car...)

*Dual motor All Wheel Drive - go just about anywhere all year long

*Long Range! 300+ miles on a full charge

*Medium window tint 

*Full Tesla transferable warranty through 50k miles!  Battery and powertrain 100k!

*Charger for "refueling" at home up to 27 miles per hour of charge @ 32 amps.

*Supercharging network for high speed recharging during long distance travel.

I'm buying a larger dealership property to expand, and I'm parting with this amazing Tesla in order to have extra cash to make this big move happen!  Can't wait for the Cybertruck to come out!  

Charge at home for only 3 cents/mile!  This is equivalent to about 100 MPG, cost-wise.

The only maintenance this car has required in the 19,000 miles I've had it is this:

1.  Rotate tires (Every 6k miles)

2.  Refill the windshield washer fluid tank (4 times)


Things I love about the Tesla:

*safety.  Auto-pilot while paying attention is statistically much safer than human driving

*accelerating from 0-60 is 4.2 seconds (upgradable over the air to 3.9)

*never go to the gas station (you never realize how bad gas smells until you stop going to the gas station for a long period of time, and then have to go get gas in another car)

*much cheaper to fuel

*the app gives you SO MUCH added convenience, like NO BULKY KEYS!

*Sound system is fantastic

*pre-heat the car in the garage with no cumbustion

*front trunk and rear trunk

*world class backup camera on monster screen

*no maintenance motors and no transmission (only 1 gear that never needs to shift!)

*upgrades and updates available over the included LTE data connection

*supercharging for long distance trips plus thousands of additional destination chargers, and the travel charger that I use at home 99% of the time.

*so much more! 


Best car ever!


Several blemishes in the wrap have not been fixed, and I have minor curb rash on a couple of the wheels (Can be repaired if desired).  Removable Aero wheel covers to reveal the nice alloys underneath.  This has no accidents, garaged, nothing broken, 2 sets of tires, total I've invested in this is over $66,000.  If you don't like the wrap, you can have it removed for a nice shiny black finish.  I love the wrap.  It gets complements all the time, and sets me apart from the quickly growing number of other Teslas on the road.  


Please use my personal cell for serious inquiries: 208-891-5596 or reply by email to this post.


What are you waiting for? Come down and check this vehicle out! We are located at 5300 W Fairview Ave. Boise, ID 83706 (right by Dick's Stereo and across the street from KTVB Channel 7). Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details.


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