A 4 wheel drive vehicle applies torque to all 4 wheels (rather than 2) which greatly increase traction and the ability to get more places than a 2 wheel drive vehicle.  Some people need 4x4 and some don't.  Most people who live and work in the Boise valley only turn on their 4 wheel drive between 0 and 3 times per year!

If you have a mountain cabin, or live where there's months of snow on the ground, or if you often are required to drive through really snowy areas, pay the extra for 4x4!  You need it!  But here's what it costs:  on average 4x4 will cost around $2500 more (for the types of cars we sell).

Plus, with the extra maintenance, repairs, and loss of fuel economy you have with a (usually) larger 4x4 vehicle your cost differential easily adds up to $5000+ over the years you own the vehicle.  How long does it take you to earn $5000?  1 month?  2 months?  Is it worth working for 2 months straight to pay for nothing more than the ability to flip on 4x4 once a year?  Would it be more cost effective to own a nice, economical 2 wheel drive?  Oh, but what about this Christmas when you have to drive over Donner Pass on your way to Disneyland?

How about this: take the savings from buying your 2 wheel drive car and put some of the extra toward renting an SUV for that unique trip over Donner Pass this winter.  The other day I saw an impatient Dodge Ram owner decide to cut through a construction zone where there was no pavement.  He stomped on the gas and shot over mounds of dirt and eventually climbed back onto the paved highway.

In my mind's eye I could see him smiling and saying to himself, "That's why I'll always drive a 4 wheel drive."  Fair enough.  But it cost him a minimum of $5000 in extra expenses so he could drive through what took me just an extra 5 seconds to drive around in my front wheel drive car.  If you have lots of extra money, or if you actually need 4 wheel drive, of course you should buy a 4x4!  And if not, lucky for you, you can save the $5000 and put it in a rainy day fund, or towards that Christmas vacation to see Mickey!

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-Brad, Owner, Boise Auto Clearance




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    I'm very happy with the integrity and honesty of Brad and his colleagues. They really helped me out with my van. I will be a repeat customer....

    Tom Magnum, Boise

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